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Frequent Questions


What kind of services can you deliver?

The offering of the Operations and Survey Team is twofold: our surveyors work for  cargo owners, agents and consignees before, during and after loading and discharging operations, stowage, lashing and securing. They take a pro-active approach with the determined intention to prevent incidents from happening and to avoid damage. On the other hand, we have a team of equipment operators for long term or short term assignments: reach stacker drivers, ECH drivers, crane operators, riggers etc.


How long in advance should we contact you to start and assignment?

The best time to contact us, is as early as possible. Why? For the simple reason that proper prior preparation prevents poor performance! This does however not mean that we will not accept rush jobs. It is simply a fact that in order to stick to our philosophy of “prevention”, the sooner we can prepare, the better the outcome will be.


Where did you learn the trade?

Our experts and surveyors have a longstanding  experience in various aspects of the trade. Originally, we have an operator and stevedore background. As a subsidiary of Global Port Training nv, we have trained a great number of staff in over 70 countries worldwide, as operator, lasher, rigger, foreman etc. 


When we need operators, how did they learn their job?

We have a proven selection process in place, and take advantage of the selection and assessment tools developed by our parent company. When hiring new staff, we train them in the classroom and in practice.  We assure you that our operators  deliver quality and performance and comply with operation procedures with respect for safety, colleagues, equipment and the environment.